Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lifting Task

The task for this week is lifting robot.
The objectives is that it can lift whatever obstacle that the robot may detect by its sensor.
This required multiple use of sensor and motor.
For our team design, we will upload later.

The main problem that may need to be observe is that;
1) The power of the motor that required to lift the obstacle.
2) The ground point of the robot to insure the stability of the robot.
3) The sensor that needed to be put/program.
4) The program that needed to make the robot work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~~ROBO the NXT~~

as for today class we learn about 2 types of robot
one is attacking/defense robot
and the other is trasportation robot
these 2 function really give benifit to human because in the future
these robots will take most of the hard work

as for the design
our group have created a 3 motor function robot in order to make it d=function as the way we need
the design is created by within the discussion in our group
so did the program

for evaluation we learn that robot have various function
it can also save human life
but what will happen if all the robot take the human work?
will human take it for granted

tuned in next week for further project from our groups.....