Sunday, March 29, 2009



By the end of the project work, students should be able to:

· To help students build a solid foundation in mathematics, science, technology, design and
ICT through hands-on experience or investigation.
· To train students to work together to solve challenging problems in a spirit of cooperation
and collaboration.
· To enable students to develop logical and systematic thinking as they plan and implement
programmes through the programming of robots.
· To enhance students’ creativity in problem solving and raise their awareness of the many
possible ways of arriving at a desired outcome.

This second assignment required us to design, implement and test a simple instructional environment (teaching resource). Also build an example student project with the robotics equipment including all necessary programming. Regarding the task we decide to use educational as our theme. This is because it does already relate to the students and teacher. So, after make long discussion and research we get brilliant idea to create Odomet Rob. This robot can we use in mathematics and art lesson because it’s can draw basic shape. The important thing, we must programme the programming based on that shape we want draw. This is because it measures as precisely as possible distances travelled and orientation of displacement. Its mechanical structure is well suited for that: when travelling it rolls on four parallel wheels so it is able to go very straight. For turning, it raises itself on a central pivot, turns around it and goes down, ready for the next move. For the conclusion, it’s help students build a solid foundation in mathematics, science, technology, design and ICT through hands-on experience or investigation. And for teacher, it’s can be teaching resource for them.

Friday, March 13, 2009

the final project!!

In this week, 12 March 2009, our group had successfully present our final phase of project which related to our assesment for this semester. Our group had created a robot that help human to draw any shape that had radius or corner such as pentagon, octagon and so on. we called this machine as an art machine which is able to draw using marker that had been attached to its body. It also use a gear sytem for its movement so the move will be more accurate and sistematic. The picture below show on how the robot look like in some angle.

picture 1 (perspective view)

picture 2 (side view)

picture 3 (above view)

gear system that been included to make the movement accurate and sistematic

the marker that been attached to draw the lines

sample of shape that been create according to the program setting of the robot

one of our group members congrates the other group members of the succes in our final project

from left yusoff, syahid, monaliza, farizuddin
facts: robot helps human to solve any problem that human can do. Our robot helps to create shape or line without hardly use ruler or measuring equipment. The setting of shape that we want can be request by adjusting the setting of the program and upload it to the robot.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

introduction to the basic of NXT

On January,17 our been firstly introduce to NXT lego component. Each of the components had their own function in programming the robot. At the same time NXT Mindstorm software being explored by us and this type of software is very interesting when we can program the robot by just creating the program in this software and then upload it into the robot.

light sensor

sound sensor

ultrasonic sensor


Mindstorm Lego Software

1st model of robot that we creat by using NXT Lego
for the next time we will explain on our final project for our assessment. the model of the robot will be more complex and have use type of sensor that appropriates.
p/s: sorry for the late update because internet connection problem. =]

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~~Project Making~~

This week we continue our final phase of Project and Problem Solving Blog.
For the project, we further our design and have tested out many design and choosen the best one that we think fulfill all the requirements.
The assignment require us to build an example student project with the robotics equipment including all necessary programming.
The model itself were selected to be as simple as it can be because we have think about the time comsume when dealing with the project.
Eventhough it may be simple but we believe the design itself are able to potray and help students to gain whatever skills during their involvement with the lesson plan.
Further additional data will be uploaded in the time comes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lifting Task

The task for this week is lifting robot.
The objectives is that it can lift whatever obstacle that the robot may detect by its sensor.
This required multiple use of sensor and motor.
For our team design, we will upload later.

The main problem that may need to be observe is that;
1) The power of the motor that required to lift the obstacle.
2) The ground point of the robot to insure the stability of the robot.
3) The sensor that needed to be put/program.
4) The program that needed to make the robot work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~~ROBO the NXT~~

as for today class we learn about 2 types of robot
one is attacking/defense robot
and the other is trasportation robot
these 2 function really give benifit to human because in the future
these robots will take most of the hard work

as for the design
our group have created a 3 motor function robot in order to make it d=function as the way we need
the design is created by within the discussion in our group
so did the program

for evaluation we learn that robot have various function
it can also save human life
but what will happen if all the robot take the human work?
will human take it for granted

tuned in next week for further project from our groups.....

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hey there
Welcome to our group's blog.
This blog will contains all the works that we will produce throughout this semester in the subject of robotic.
This is a group log, although some of the item inside may be from an individual, but it is still from the very member of our respective group.
Thoroughly, all our task and progress will be recorded inside this blog.
For further news, please keep on reading this blog and your opinion and suggestion are always welcome.