Friday, March 13, 2009

the final project!!

In this week, 12 March 2009, our group had successfully present our final phase of project which related to our assesment for this semester. Our group had created a robot that help human to draw any shape that had radius or corner such as pentagon, octagon and so on. we called this machine as an art machine which is able to draw using marker that had been attached to its body. It also use a gear sytem for its movement so the move will be more accurate and sistematic. The picture below show on how the robot look like in some angle.

picture 1 (perspective view)

picture 2 (side view)

picture 3 (above view)

gear system that been included to make the movement accurate and sistematic

the marker that been attached to draw the lines

sample of shape that been create according to the program setting of the robot

one of our group members congrates the other group members of the succes in our final project

from left yusoff, syahid, monaliza, farizuddin
facts: robot helps human to solve any problem that human can do. Our robot helps to create shape or line without hardly use ruler or measuring equipment. The setting of shape that we want can be request by adjusting the setting of the program and upload it to the robot.

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